Metallic Acrylic on Canvas, Resin finish.

In the Paris pattern, each court card is identified as a particular historical or mythological personage. The Queen of Hearts card is given to Judith. Judith is the name of one of the two Hittite wives of Esau in the Book of Genesis 26:34. Judith or Yehudit in the Hebrew language mean “Woman of Judea”.

The Queen is an intuitive, receptive, and cooperative aspect of Royalty. Queen is a real judge. Queen of Hearts judges and rules by the principles of love. She promotes the dreams, conceives the desires, and sees the visions of the world of joy and peace in the union of kindred hearts. Queen of Hearts is a card of beauty, magnetism, affection, and idealism.

Original canvas 48″ x 36″

    • Small Metallic Photo Prints Size 11 x 14 in / 27.94 x 35.56 cm.
    • Large Metallic Photo Print Size 30 x 42 in / 76.2 x 106.68 cm.
    • Every print is numbered and signed by the artist.
    • Printed on Professional Endura Premier Metallic paper.
    • Each sheet is loose. Unframed.
    • Ships in the cardboard box.
    • Delivery might take up to 14 days.