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The Royal Dolls

The ‘Royal Collection’ consisting of 4 paintings, as in the World’s most known Royal Court called ‘The Deck of Cards’ there are 4 Queens. Each court card is identified as a particular historical or mythological personage:

The Queen of Hearts, Yehudit. Biblical figure.

The Queen of Clubs, Argine. An anagram of Regina (Latin for “queen”)

The Queen of Diamonds, Rachel. Biblical figure.

The Queen of Spades, Athena. Greek Goddess

Luxury Collectables

Art of luxury toys, fast cars, and extraordinary collectibles.


I feel that the artist is someone who accesses genius via intuition, creativity, and courage. I naturally challenge the status quo and rebuke the notion of living within the mean. For me, creation is the most vulnerable form of personal sacrifice. My art isn’t simply paint applied to canvas. It is the pouring out of the soul out into the negative space; the birth of an idea, emotion and an entity that never existed before that moment. Great art resonates without denial and creates a formidable bond between creator and receiver. Art is the absolute practice of our most basic humanity.

Revi Ferrer is Europian Artist currently exhibiting in Los Angele CA, Miami FL Nashville TN, Mexico and Europe.


Los Angeles, CA

Franklin, TN

Miami, FL


188 Front Street Suite 116-86, Franklin, TN 37064

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